Thursday, September 27, 2007

Time for The Mayor's Manhood

From Paris Cultural Capital of the World:

I have been reading about the brewing storm of people complaining that Mr. Ravenstahl did not attend a community meeting to discuss the caSINo. I read about it here.

People were so desirous for the Mayor they were like crying little girls waiting for the Beatles or n'Sync. Because of their behavior, I can see why Mr. Ravenstahl did not attend. If I had a choice between having a group of desirous women rip my clothes off hoping for even a little bit of me and going to viewing public housing project close to a thousand miles away, I would choose viewing the houses of the poor.

Now don't get me wrong, I would very much enjoy having a small group of women who are very controled and rational gentelly take my clothing off with maybe a small fire in the fireplace and a group of candles burning, but to have a group of close to 100 crazed women in some church basement where it was hotter and they were sweatier than a barn full of cows on a hot sun filled day. That would not excite me either. I now understand why the Mayor has such strong physically fit muscle men guarding himself.

I can understand where these hot and bothered women would be upset when the object of their desire failed to show up. But they must understand that the Mayor is the Mayor for all people. The Mayor is a superstar and he needs to act as such in his position even if his personality is that of just a humble young sports loving man. He must be like the most famous and desirable P-Diddy. Then in their anger they get mad at the man who is building the caSINo. How ungrateful and rude!

If I were the Mayor and so many of my fans were upset, I would stand up to the plate and show them my manhood. I would do a very humble act of inviting these angry women to my office. Then when they are delirious with joyfor being in my precense, I would show my crushing manhood. I would chastise them for acting like children and being so mean to the man who is building the caSINo. That man is investing much money to make the neighborhood a better place, and these people are acting like ungrateful children. It is like inviting someone to your house and then pissing on their leg! I would show these women my incedible manhood and strength and hopefully they will learn a lesson and behave. Since I am very sure they would be upset with being yelled at, I would then offer them something nice to show that I love them. I would allow them to recieve an autographed picture of me. This will let them go away with good feeling and even love me more. That is the way with the manhood and using it with women.

Being French I understand the ways of women. They will respect you much more if you are tough and show the manhood, but then be gentile and in the heat of their emotions their love grows like water helps a flower bloom. Mr. Ravenstahl, you are free to use my advice on dealing with the crazy women of your city.