Friday, September 28, 2007

ReSantis Hates the Steelers

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. My jaggoff grandson tried to download some music thing on my computer and I got some virus that kept making all these disgusting pictures pop up all over my computer screen. Anyway, it is all better now.

I just wanted to remind everyone that now that the Mayors race is really underway that ReSantis (I call him that because he has been using that "De" infront of his name to fool you into thinking that he is a Democrat so I call him that to remind you that he is a REPUBLICAN!!!) hates the Steelers!!!!


I have yet to here him say that he likes football. In fact, I have not heard him say that he likes sports at all. Our Mayor loves his sports and he has been seen at baseball games and football games and supporting golf and stuff like that. If there is one sport ReSantis likes I bet its polo.

Remember that ReSantis wanted all the debates to happen during Steelers games so no one would come to them and The Mayor would have to miss them?

The Mayor should come out in the next few days and point out that ReSantis hates the Steelers so much he refuses to wear black and gold. Have you ever seen him in black and gold? Nope. I bet that the ReSantis people are going to read this and get all scared so they are going to show him like sitting infront of a television with a iron city watching the game on Sunday waving a Terrible Towel. When you see that picture, remember that you heard it here first that he really HATES THE STEELERS and that he is staging that photograph.

I really think The Mayor should really show him up by coming to the next debate wearing face paint and waving a Terrible Towel in ReSantis's face. All of Pittsburgh would love that and that republician will cry or something and then nobody will vote for him. Imagine if nobody voted for ReSantis? That would be great! He would get a big fat zero and it would truely show what we all know which is that all of Pittsburgh loves The Mayor.

With that said... GO STEELERS