Thursday, September 20, 2007

Welcome Gay4Luke's profile and picture

I saw that my granddaughter Tiffany finally put up Gay4Luke's profile and picture. You can see it over in the right hand collum.
This website has become the happy place that I hoped it would become. Thank GOD that all the soulless full of hate Mayor haters have stayed away. With the addition of Gay4Luke contributing to the site, we truely have become a rainbow! We have the following

-an old person (me)
- a young person (Pierre)
- a middle age person (Gay4Luke)
- 2 Pittsburghers (me and Gay4Luke)
- an Outsider (Pierre)
- a Person from another country (Pierre)
- a woman (me)
- a man (Pierre)
- a gay ( Gay4Luke)

The make up of our Blog would make any city commission jealous!!! The only thing missing is a black person. I sometimes think about an article thatTony Norman wrote for the Post Gazette (link here) and how he praises The Mayor and I think that I should ask him to be the black person on our Blog!!!

I just want to point out that I like Gay4Luke but because of my religion I can not and do not support that kind of "lifestyle". I have emailed at length with Gay4Luke about this and we are both very happy with our arrangement. Hate the sin but love the sinner!!!