Sunday, September 9, 2007

My First Steelers Watching Soon

Hello From the Culture Capital of the World.... Paris!

Soon I will be setting out to watch my first Steelers game. I must go to a venue named La Crottes Brunes. I was clearly told that they WILL be showing the game. I am still burning from my venture to see The Kill Point that I fear disappointment again, but this place is in a nicer nieghborhood and it is not the middle of the night.
Since I know hardly anything about American Football, I have been studying the Wikipedia. I am excited to watch my first American Football game, plus it should be interesting to see if the Steelers may soon be transitioning back to the 4-3 defense in the near future, as new head coach Mike Tomlin prefers the Cover 2 (or "Tampa 2") style defense. I know the changes won't be immediate, though, as the Steelers did retain defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau, a mastermind of zone blitz schemes under the 3-4. I soon will be excited like a raging stallion!!!
I have made my own Terrible Towel which I also learned about on the Wikipedia.
I must go to catch the Metro. Merci!

Triumph Steelers!!!