Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Mr. Ravenstahl Shows His Manhood

From glorious Paris:

Too often people call the Mayor Raventahl the Baby Mayor as if his youngness and inexperience are a liability. Last Friday, Mayor Ravenstahl displayed his manhood when he fired the Building Inspector and promoted some other people. He truly showed that he is a man not the Baby Mayor! He displayed his manhood right in his critics faces and now they can not deny that he is a most powerful force that could split them in half.
I am a student of History and History is full of powerful people who have used their power. From what I have seen Mayor Ravenstahl is following in a long line of powerful people by showing his power.
I am unfamiliar with the people that he has promoted because I am just a young student of the government of your city, but I can tell by the way that Mayor Ravenstahl promoted them that they are the best candidates. First he chopped off every departments head. That is a good way to get every one's attention! He made them write out their own resignation letters. What a great way to put the weak in their place. It is like in Kafka's Trial where the accused is forced to write their own confessions to a crime that they do not even know what it is. The Mayor is using a beautiful technique that has long been used by tyrannical governments. Then he let time work for him. He sat on their confession letters until they sweated in fear. Time is a crowbar of torture. Then when Mr. Ravenstahl brought down the glove of justice he was merciful to a handful. Those people will now realize how close they were to professional death and will be grateful to the Mayor. There had to be at least one person killed to show the survivors that the Mayor is powerful. I have raised dogs so I understand management.
In the end, the Mayor gets a standing ovation for his performance. He should show his manhood every chance he gets. I would recommend showing it at least once a day to remind the underlings that they are lucky to be alive and to be able to serve such a deserving leader.

Flaunt your manhood Mr. Mayor!!!