Friday, September 21, 2007

John McIntire Needs Help

3 Weeks ago I sent the following letter to Chris Potter who is the editor of the City Paper...

Mr Chris Pooter,
I run a blog here in Pittsburgh ( that is very supportive of The Mayor and I find it upsetting that you are always insulting The Mayor especially that McIntired guy whos always calling him Opie.
I was especially upset with you saying that he hangs out in smoke filled rooms. His office in the City County building which is smoke free and I do not think that handsome young man smokes. I know that he does hang out at bars on the Southside and the Strip District which are smoke filled, but I don't think he makes any city deals there. That is his personal time and knowbody needs to care what he does on his own time. He is a young person and I am thrilled that he does young people things.
But I want to say, I am a smoker and I wont care if The Mayor smoked but he doesn't so please stop tarring and nicotining him all over your Republican hippy paper!!! Luv,

So far he has not responded.

Recently, someone brought the following City Paper article to my attention written by that Mcintire guy. It is sooooooo terrible. He calls our dignified Mayor a "jock-sniffer"!!!!!!! So I am writing Chris Potter again!!!

Mr Potter
I write ONE OF THE GREATEST BLOGS IN PITTSBURGH - ILUV LUKE. It is a safe cove on the internet for people who support our Mayor Mr. Ravenstahl.
Someone just showed me John Mcintire's article that you printed on August 30 last month. I am very insulted and I am sure our Myor was insulted too. Mr Mcintire calls our great Mayor a "jock-sniffer"!!! How do you think that makes the Mayor feel? How do you think his mother feels? I am sure that if you asked the Mayor, he would tell you that he has never sniffed a jock before except for maybe his own to make sure it was clean!
I request that you force Mr Mcintire to take some kind of medication for his mental illness rather that his goofy pills that he is obviously taking or the dope that he is obviously smoking. You should make it part of his job that he submit proof that he has taken his medication before you publish his articles. In fact, I request that you require ALL of your writers to submit to drug tests before you publish their stuff. It is obvious that they are not taking performance inhancing drugs!!! But those other kinds! Even that guy that writes about architecture and definetly those resturant reviewers who are likely also dope fiend swingers who likely answer every single nasty perverted ad that you have in the back of your paper.
While I find your paper a den of pervertity and mental illness and I doubt you are likely to clean it up, the least you could do is help that poor Mr MacIntire with his mental illness.

Thank you,
Strawberry Way

I hope he responds.