Monday, September 17, 2007

Another Communion with Steelers Nation

Hello from Beautiful Sun Filled Paris, the Cultural Capital of the World:

I was able to watch the game yesterday. I traveled to the eastern suburbs where there is a satellite television dealership in a department store. I was able to stand in front of a television and change the channel to watch the Holy Steelers smash to petite pieces the Bills of Buffalo New York.

It was not the ideal for watching a American Football Game I believe. I had to stand in the traffic of shoppers and I had to battle a sale person named Andre as he made fun of me for wanting to breath in sweat breath of victory. He was what you from Pittsburgh would call a Jaggoff. He would change the channel when I was in the bathroom. He would snicker at me hugging my home grown Terrible Towel. I told him that he was a weakling and would not be able to stand one moment in my new beloved country of Steelers Nation. I think toward the end of the game we were winning him over when he did ask me some questions about American Football. He asked why the ball was so funny looking. I lacked the answer so I must go back to the Wikipedia.

It was beautiful to follow another win. I felt the same connection with The Steelers Nation. I felt like part of a giant organism. When Big Ben threw the ball, time slowed down and I felt our Nation of Millions gasp our breath and a million hands reached for the ball. Our energy must be changing the space time continuum.

Regarding having prostitution at Your Glorious new Casino on The North Shore, I am currently composing my 2nd Policy Paper regarding Economic Development. Please stay tuned in to this Blog!

Triumph Again Steelers