Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Update On My Steelers Watching

Hello Friends from a Beautiful Paris!

I was able to watch my first American Football game a few days ago. It was also my first Steelers American Football game to watch. I enjoyed my experience because the Steelers Triumphed, but my experience was not superior due to where I watched it. I watched it at an establishment named Crottes Brunes which should have been a clue because it translates to "brown droppings". When I walked in with my self-made Ben Rothlesburgher shirt, a fat Marshmellow man said in English "This is a Browns bar". I did not know what he meant until the game started and I soon realized I was in the enemy camp.

I sat off to the side away from the crowd of about five Browns fans. I kept my self-made terrible towel in my pocket. As the game started I kept my cheers inside while the others cried. The crowd was a beastly bunch mostly obese with skin that has never seen the sun and covered with red blemishes. If a human only ate donuts, this is what they would look like.

One man had his face painted like an evil beast which I later learned dipicted a dog. He did not enjoy my most innocent question if he was showing his support for the dog fighter Mr. Vick.

I could tell from their voices that they were all Americans, but there was one French man. I asked if he was an American Football fan. He said proudly that he was a Browns fan. I had hoped to be his friend so he could answer my confusing question about the American Football. Instead he spit on the floor at my feet. He was very uncultured and gross. I watched him later as he shoveled potato chips in his mouth like a monster and wiped his greasey paws on his Browns American Football Jersey. He was very unFrench. I almost vomited with embaressment. (After the game on my way home, I saw him in a alleyway passed out from his drinking and sitting in his own urine. He had vomit of potato chips and the meat from the wings of chickens down the front of his Browns American Football Shirt. I do not think I like Cleveland and hope never to see it even on a map.)

As the game went on and the crowd of five became drunker, sadder and angrier, I became happier and bolder. I began to the feel pride in me bubbling up like the pressure behind the cork of a bottle of Champagne. I realized it was "Pittsburgh Pride" and I was now part of the Steelers Nation!!! I felt a connection to every Steelers fan in the whole world!! I felt as if we were all viewing the same webpage at the same time and experiencing the same thrill together! With that sort of energy, we could change the world don't you think?

I must confess that I was unable to follow everything that was going on in the American Football Game. I must study the Wikipedia! But my analysis is that the Browns were a weak team that fell apart and the game was not a true show of what the Steelers team is about. I was concerned in the first half about the Offense in that they were unable to clearly dominate such a weak team. Ben did have to scramble in the pocket but he did not turn over the ball which is a good sign. Special teams seemed to do the job which I am told was a weakness before. I do not see a true test for the team until they play Denver.

I still glow with the thrill to be an exciting part of the most supreme Steelers Nation!!!