Monday, September 24, 2007

Triumph Again for The Steelers - Saddness In Paris

From a disheartened Paris:

Yesterday, I traveled back to the Department Store in the eastern suburbs and again watched the Steelers bring victory to the Church of Hienz Field!!! Again I stood in the aisles of the television department at the satelite television display and was able to recieve my communion with the Steelers Nation.
While my heart flittered like a butterfly in a summer breeze, my insides were like a coal mine because of the news that Marcel Marceau the famous French mime had passed away to be forever trapped in the giant invisible box of the other side. No matter how much he feels the side of that invisible wall, he will never find his way out!
All of France is in mourning. While I was glad for Steelers winning, I was saddened with my giant caviety of sadness that wears a white face, a stripped shirt, white gloves and a frown.
But just like I keep my chin in the air, there can be a silver cloud. I started thinking about how much I enjoy miming. I studied miming while I was in school. I must say I did not have the greatest of skills, but it did fill my heart.
I began to wonder what the miming culture is like in my adopted city of Pittsburgh. While I did not find much of a miming culure in your city, I was led me to the following person. Steve Mendelson.
I found an article in your paper and I find much in common with this man. He studied being a street clown right here in Paris! He seems to be a worldly man who is also very handsomeand is successful with the women! I would say I have found my doppelganger!
The article is a beautiful piece that I wish to have someone write something similar about me. I hope to meet this man when I visit Pittsburgh. Maybe we could do some street miming and try to uplift the city of Pittsburgh to higher levels and then have some wine and have a mingle with women. While I find it sad that there is not a larger mime community in Pittsburgh, I was happy to find a person who is so similar to myself. It gives me hope.

Long Live Marcel and Continue to Triumph Steelers!!!

Update: I found his website and looking at a picture of him now, I must say that he has not aged very well and I now doubt if we would be having any mingle with women when I visit. I take back almost everything I said above.