Thursday, September 6, 2007

Pittsburgh: Why We Must Make Love

Beautiful Day from Paris!

I try not to look down my nose on people who do not share my passion for Pittsburgh but it is very easy to do when I am from the Cultural Capital of the world and have such an exclusive hobby of following the minutia of a city half way around the globe.

Most people that I know do not understand why I do the things I do. I have started putting "The French Fries" (Pomme Frites) on my salads. In fact, I have started to smash them into every sandwich that I make. I feel a solidarity with all the Pittsburghers of the world through this simple action, but when I am with others who do not share my passion, I am lonely.

I will spend my free time using Google Earth Software and fly around my Second Home of Pittsburgh. I do this late into the evening. While I hear the young couples in the street below laughing after a romantic evening of wine and dinner, I raise my glass to the computer monitor and zoom in on great things like "The Boulivard of the Allies"!!! I know it sounds very heroic.

I find it hard not to think of myself as special. I am French of course. I find that even in a small way, your city is better place with my adoration shining on it. I hope you feel that warm glow. I know that you as a city feel like the ugly girl at the dance and feel shy that a handsome person like me is asking you to dance, but Pittsburgh, you must take off your ugly glasses, rip open your baggy blouse and put your chin in the air and say "Pierre, I am worthy of this love!" We both know that is the only right thing to do.