Thursday, August 23, 2007

The One Musketeer

When I first looked at the most popular image of Mr Ravenstahl before the Star Chamber of Ethics, I believed I saw a small hint of the facial hair in the form of a baby "Balbo". It excited me to see the Great Mayor venture into the exciting world of facial hair, but then I was saddened to note that it was just a trick of the light of a very bad photographer and that my eye had been fooled.

It made me think of the Great Musketeers of Dumas (who I do not know if you are familiar with because you are Americans and do not read but only eat all that you can. My guess is that you would believe that a Musketeer is a nougat filled candy bar!!!).
But the Musketeers would be a great similarity to the Mayor Ravenstahl - they are noble, romantic visionaries and fight for what is right. Since he is only one rather than three, maybe his slogan should be "One for One, and One for One" rather than the ordinary "One for All and All for One"!!!!!

Please forgive my bad talent as a computer artist, but here is my depiction of what I saw...

... the only thing lacking is maybe a romantic rose caught in his teeth tossed demurely by that Sister Patrice Hughes or by that rabbi guy!!!!