Friday, August 17, 2007

Luke Is Our Mentor Of The Highest Order

hello from PARIS!!!!

There appears to be a furor over Mr. Ravenstahl being a mentor to a group of children. First, he is pillored for helping children with cancer by using his golf club. Then he helps some children who would have been otherwise running the streets naked by giving them shirts to cover up their nakeness. My sources have told me that the Mayor has raised these children since they were mere chicks. He has taught them the math and spent countless hours reading to them. He is like the father so why should he not put his name on them! I carry my fathers name. You carry your fathers name. Now their are 232 new Ravenstahls who are helping the city of Pittsburgh. If they give back even a tenth of what the good Mayor has given, the city will be soring to higher hieghts.
Seems people are up set that the Spokesman for the Mayor said that the Mayor "... is a mentor to all of the youth living in this great city."
I could not have said it better. Wait, yes I could. He is a mentor to all people living in your great city!!! Please mentor us greatly!