Monday, August 13, 2007

Hey, Ding Dongs! The Mayor Can't Control The Weather!!!!!!

I try never to read all those hellish, hate-filled blogs about Pittsburgh that always put down The Mayor, but I had to catch up on what evil has been going on, and what do I find? They are trying to blame all the rain storms and all the damage on THE MAYOR!
Won't these poo-poo potatoheads ever give up?
They are trying to say that The Mayor could have stopped the weather! I believe The Mayor is great and would be the first to say he could do anything, but even I know that The Mayor couldn't have done nothing to stop the rain.
This past weekend was pretty nice, but where are all those ding dongs now to praise The Mayor for giving us a nice sunny pleasent weekend? That is the proof that they are just negative and evil and just want to place blame!!! If they are going to keep blaming The Mayor for the tornado and flooding and all that, I want to hear them say thank you for all the good days that he has given us. I want to hear them say, "Thank you, Mr. Ravenstahl, for all those sunny days this summer and thank you for the mild winter last year." But it will be just like them to not say anything like that. They'll just stay in their dark, stinky hole of negativity blogging and complaining and complaining and blogging. That is fine by me because I'm going to stand up right here on MY blog and say...

"Thank you, Mr Ravenstahl, for this glorious day!!!"