Sunday, August 5, 2007

I Have Surrendered My Hopes But I Still Fight The War


I ache with guilt for many reasons.

I feel guilty for the fact that I have been unable to post for many days due to a large work assignment. My supervisor wished me to hook a laser printer to his computer. It took me most of the past week and with much blood and tears my supervisor can now print from his computer that is for his lap. I have triumphed again!

I also feel guilty for misreading the story about a potential affair between your two leaders. In my country "love fest" means something else then it must for you. I feel guilty if I may have misled anyone. I know I have mislead my friends here in Paris! I started a new term - "Louisville Merger" to describe two powerful mean caught in the vortex of attraction. My friends have been using this term, but I have been unable now to stop them from using it even after explaining my misunderstanding. I have pleaded and explained my failure, but they now use the term as if it has existed for eons. I am afraid that the term might spread like a fire in the wild woods or a bad disease. Please everyone refrain from using the term "Louisville Merger" and may no credit or infamy come go to me!!!

I also feel guilty because I have surrendered to ever watching The Kill Point. I tried to download a stolen version and I mistakenly tried to watch it on my supervisor's computer while I fixed it and I think that is what made my task of making the printer work so difficult. I believe I may have given my boss a virus because I started to find a variety of pornography and much visits to adult sites on his computer. I think I fixed everything, but I fear I will never watch The Kill Point and I learned a lesson never to try to download movies. You should learn from me.

Maybe someday I will see the Glory of Pittsburgh in person and will have no need to see it on the small screen of my television anymore!!! And the memories of my visit will warm me like a roasting fire and I will share my lessons from the People of Vision in your city with the People of Vision in my city and we will all be greater!!! May Pittsburgh and Paris MERGE!!!! Two great forces of Culture caught in a vortex of attraction in a spiral dance of Metropolitan vigor! Maybe we shall call the result PARISBURGH?