Thursday, August 16, 2007

My RoundUp of Evil Soulless Pittsburgh Blogs

Ever since I got a computer and learned to type, I have visited some of the worst blogs in Pittsburgh just to read what was going on. It was like walking through the muck of the sewer. That is why I started this blog (thanks to my granddaughter Tiffany) which I wanted to be a happy place to share happy things but every once in a while a big retarded poo-poo potatohead will come along drooling and make things ugly but thank the Great Lord they don't stop by too often. I think it is because they are just too stupid and stoned from smoking their wacky weed to ever find their way back to my blog.
I try not to read this terrible blogs because after I am done reading I walk away with that little taste of vomit in the back of my mouth that I have to wash away with an IC Light. That turns my day ugly if I read those awful blogs (or Rich Lord) before dinner time (which I officially call "Beer O'Clock").
I must confess that I do visit them sometimes which makes me feel dirty and want to go to confession. Here is my take on just how screwed up, evil and soulless the Pittsburgh Blogosphere is!!!!

2 Political Junkies - most of the stuff they talk about is BORING!!!! All they talk about is politics except when Maria gets all worked up about The Mayor. She must take a few smokes from her her pot bong and then pounds out all her rage about her sad life and directs it at The Mayor. She is so jealous of him that it seeps out of her words like that stuff at the bottom of your garbage can on a hot summer day.

Agent Ska - Ah, it must be great to be a student and go around to all the bars and coffee shops and blog and talk about all kinds of stuff that only "The Kids" have any idea what your talking about. It must be great to smoke a bunch of pot all the time and make videos and have your whole future ahead of you? I almost get high from all the second hand smoke.

The Drunk Bureucrat - makes me want to put my head in an oven and drag him in their too to put him out of his misery.

Carbolic Smoke Ball - this one is really the best place to read news about stuff. They are really good and not evil or soulless except when they write about The Mayor. If they would cut that out, I would only read them for all my news.

Cognitive Dissonance - this is a bitter little old man. You can tell by the picture on his website. When you read his stuff, he sounds all nice and even and fair and then he shanks you just like Bubba in the prison yard. I'll read his stuff thinking, "Oh, look. He is getting ready to say something nice about The Mayor!" But he always ends up being mean and hating The Mayor. I can't tell if he is a dope fiend or not. If he is he must use it medically for his glaucoma.

The Pittsburgh Comet - even though this guy sounds like he hits the wacky weed now and again, he has a link to my blog so I like him and highly recommend him!

The Burgh Report - It is like the crack house of hate. Wear a helmet because the half-truths and lies come flying so fast from their comments section. After visiting, you'llfeel so slimey you'll have to take a shower. TheBurger and The General drop a little red meat out there (and it is usually about The Mayor) and all the Peduto loving marijuana smoking crazies go crazy. It is like submerging yourself in the bottom of a port-o-let for a few minutes. Yuck!

I have more blogs I want to review, but I am too tired so I'll do a part 2 soon.