Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My Certain Advice For Mr. Ravenstahl

hello from Paris!

I noticed that today Mr. Ravenstahl will stand before the Dark Lords of the Inquisition known as the Ethics Board.
The big point is the value of the golfing.
I think Mr. Ravenstahl should say that the golfing was not that good. The putting greens were bad. The company that was kept on the golf course was poor. That all decreases the value of the golf game.
The big hurricane of screaming people making such a stink from such a small turd has surely decreased the value further. The amount of time that Mr. Ravenstahl has had to think about this little stink and also his time to travel to and stand before the ethics board is also money that is flying from his pocket and the value of the golf game goes down further.
Just by doing some quick calculations, it appears that the value of the golf game has actually crossed from the positive to the negative with the Mayor losing money for just wanting to help cancer kids with his golf club.
I pray that the Ethics Board will see the wisdom that I have said and see that Mr. Ravenstahl is in the big red hole for his golfing. Maybe the ethics board will slam down their gavel and say "case dismissed" and give him a check to at least make the value of the golf game even!!!