Sunday, August 26, 2007

A Bunch of Stuff!!!

I had made a promise to myself that I would not "blog" on a Sunday, but I have too much stuff going on that I can't stand it .

I was tipped off by Silverfoxy that the guy over at the Pittsburgh Comet has given us credit for a big scoop, but really it was LUKE IS A PUSS BAG that did the scoop. I thought that was so nice of the Comet guy that I created a new section of links over on the right. It is called "Blogs that Hate The Mayor But Might Not Be Soulless".

Speaking of LUKE IS A PUSS BAG, I didn't realize it until right now that her name is an insult to The Mayor. I thought it had something to do with the whole licensing for cats thing that was infront of city council. I thought it was puss like in pussy cat rather than the stuff that comes out of pimples. While I don't like name calling, I'll let LUKE IS A PUSS BAG keep posting because they have added so much to the dialog on this site.

While my granddaughter Tiffany was putting that new links section over on right, I had her add Mark Rauterkus's blog over there too. There you go Mark. Now be nice to The Mayor!

Also since the "Give the Kid Some Change" was such a great success, I had Tiffany take down the fundraiser infomation. I hope Mr. Ravenstahl now knows that there is an army of supporters out here waiting to help him!!! I'm thinking our next fundraiser should be to send The Mayor to some fancy golf course like in Scotland. That would make all those soulless bloggers wiggle in their stinky computer chairs that they sit in all the time likely nude!!!

As Faithful reader pointed out in the comments, there was a wonderful letter to the editor today by Terri Ann Jagielski. If she reads this, do you want to blog on my blog? Send me an email!

I am so happy with Pierre's Policy Paper. I think it adds a whole new thing to this site and to the Burghosphere!!! I think slowly we are becoming the best site around!

Go Steelers tonight against the Eagles. God bless Troy, Hines, Ben and that cute kicker guy!