Monday, August 6, 2007

Introducing "Give The Kid Some Change" Fundraiser

After talking with Rocco who regularly posts comments on this site, We are proud to introduce our new Fundraiser "Give the Kid Some Change"

We know that The Mayor will be going in front of the Ethnics Board later this month to discuss his golfing which was totally fair and fit within the rules. If the Ethnics Board is soulless and full of hate which it seems like they are, they might fine The Mayor $1000!!!

We know The Mayor doesn't make a lot of money so we are proposing that we send in money to help pay for any fines (and any future fines)!!!

If you feel as strongly about this as we do, send in some money right to the Chair of the Ethnics Board Sister Patrice Hughes. We figure this fits into all the rules because The Mayor is never touching the money (even though it sounds like you could send him $100 in cash directly and neither one of you would get in trouble). We think this is the only fair way to deal with this and we hope The Mayor appreciates our efforts.

So send your donations to:

Sister Patrice Hughes
Chair of the Ethnics Board
Ethics Hearing Board
c/o Department of Law
313 City-County Building
414 Grant Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15219-2453

After you have sent in your donation, email rocco at with the total and I'll keep a running total on this site. If we raise more than the fine (if there is one!), then The Mayor knows that he will be covered for any ethical things that come up in the future!!! I hope that will let him sleep easy.