Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Mr. Ravenstahl Is The Thundering Rocket!

Hello from Paris:

I have been reading about how Mr. Onorato, your county's highest supreme director chief, desires to be governor of the State of Pennsylvania. I am very unknowledgable about the state of politics of the state, but I still see Luke as The Dark Horse in the drive to the prize of President.
I see Mr. Onorato climbing the small ladder of success. He has worked himself up from a lowly person on city council to where he is now, but look at how long that took! Look at how old he is! At his turtle pace, he will be President in a WheelChair or motorized Scooter!
Luke is a rocket shooting into space! A Juggernaut of unstoppable political force. He has gone from his baby chair to the chair of Mayor in a flash. The chart of his progress looks like a raging mountain that would make any skier or mountainclimber wet their slacks. The momentum is staggering!
If I were allowed to place bets on these matters, I would foresee a large windfall if I were to place money on the Mayor crossing the threshold to the White House first. I see Mr. Onorato crossing that threshold second maybe as a guest to a dinner party held by Luke at the White House. (Maybe the new Pittsburgh casino can take bets on political futures?)
Mr. Ravenstahl looks like the New Bill Clinton!!! Both are handsome. Both are very well groomed with nice hair and sharp suits. Both are very well endowed orators with a beautiful handle of speech that makes the crowds swoon. Both are men of vision that can lead the hordes of lesser people. Both are good at balancing on the political fence while still being their own man. Both are good at finding the truth even if it needs to be split from hairs; They will find it!!! The only thing different between the two is Mr. Ravenstahl is married to a nicer person and he does not have a law degree. Other than that, I believe they are the same person with the same destiny.
Mr. Ravenstahl's future is a bright blue sky and he is the thundering rocket! Remember my words. At Mr. Onorato's victory celebration for Governor, from his wheelchair he will get a call of congratulations from the White House and it will be Mr. Ravenstahl.