Thursday, August 30, 2007

New Blog in the Burgoshpere

Get this. The whole City-County Building has started its own blog!!!!
How does a building blog? (I think its fake and there is a person writing it!)
Here is what I'm guessing its typical blog entry will be....

Hey, I'm still at 414 Grant Street. It rained today and I got all wet. People didn't wipe their feet coming through my doors. A bunch of meetings happened in me today. Darlene Harris is still smoking in me. I hope she doesn't catch me on fire. I'm made of stone but I'm still afraid of fire. Oh, here come The Mayor Ravenstahl. This is great. I love when he comes to work. I love having him in my warm belly. Yum.

So what else can a build say? Should be interesting. Hopefully this new blog will be nice to The Mayor. We need more Mayor-Friendly websites.