Saturday, August 18, 2007

A New Mascot For You

Hello from Paris!

I have been reading about your sport team puppet that has been invented - Steely McBeam and it appears that many hate him. It is a good thing that he looks tough and carrys that big beam to beat away the angry people who will wish to beat him up!

I read the story about how The People of Vision dislike the Steel man and hate the mention of Steel or anything about the past. With me being an outsider, I can give a most excellent view from the outside of your cage of Pittsburgh and give you a truer vision of what people think. That is why I think you should greatly respect my opinion ( and if you wish to put me in charge of a Board of Vision such as the Allegheny Conference I would gladly accept as long as I could telecommute!).

From the outside, most people don't even think of your city. When they do, they think of it as the birthplace of Lycos - the search engine that at one time was greater than all the search engines until Alta Vista came around and then the Google. Other than that most people in my circle don't think of Pittsburgh. But with me being a great fan of "The Burgh" I am changing their view in the most good way! I am the ultimate ambassador!

After reading the story, I was driven to design a more fitting puppet for your city.
I Introduce "Steve MacHardDrive"!!!!
(Please forgive me because I am not a computer artist.)

He is a computer technologist (like myself)
He carries an iPhone (I have not been able to aquire one yet)
He wears the professional uniform of blue oxford cut shirt with the flesh colored pants (like I wear every day)
He wears a stylish eyewear
He is named Steve after Steve Jobs the Executive of Apple
He is named MacHardDrive because a Mac is a computer and Hard Drive is Technology
He does NOT wear gloves
He does NOT wear a helmet
He does NOT wear a laborer's bib because he does not labor
He does NOT have hairy untamed eyebrows (body hair is so 1990s)
He does represent the throbbing energy of the future Pittsburgh!!!