Friday, August 3, 2007

Answering Some Questions...

Since I started this site last month, I have gotten a lot of emails with questions. I am not good at answering emails so I am going to try to answer some of the questions….

Who are you?
I am not going to tell you because there are a bunch of crazies out there who don’t like The Mayor and don't like the fact that I blindly support him. This is America and I can do whatever I want. I just don’t want a bunch of poo-poo potatoheads attacking my house at night like those zombies in the Night of the Living Dead because those people who hate The Mayor are like drugged out, self-indulgent, college educated smarty pants who have never worked a day in their lives and think everything can be better if we all quit smoking and put solar panels on our cars and make Bill Peduto mayor. If any of them attack my house, I’m just going to throw a big bag of pot down the street and watch them go stumbling after it.

Is this site serious?
Do other serious sites get this question a lot like mine? I wonder how many people send emails like that to the Post Gazette or the Tribune Review? I bet the City Paper gets it all the time because they really are a joke. A couple weekends ago, I was at the zoo and I saw that they had put word processors in the monkey cages. I looked closer and they were working on writing up the City Paper. After they were done with their next edition, they threw poop at the walls to celebrate.

What kind of cigarettes do you smoke?
Virginia Slims 100s.

Why do you call people “poo-poo potatoheads”?
Because I don’t want to call people “sh!theads”. I want this to be a family site where the whole family can sit down and read together.

Do you really throw your ashtray around?
Yes, I do. I actually broke a computer monitor back when Bush won in 2004. It was a nice monitor that my daughter had bought me so she now bought me a real cheap one. I have broken a couple televisions and I have put many holes in my plaster walls. Luckily, my sister married a plaster guy so I don’t have big holes in my walls. My kids have always asked why I did that and I’ve told them that it is my anger management technique. Aren’t they glad that I don’t throw the ashtray at them? By the way, the ashtray is a big green rectangle and weighs about 10 pounds. I haven’t broken it yet.

What do you do for a living? Do you just sit around writing your blog, drinking IC Light and Luving Luke? Get a life!
Yeah. So what! I spent most of my adult life raising my kids and keeping my house in good shape so now is my time to relax. I'm a sucker for dollar stores and bingo and last time I checked, this is America and I'm pursuing my happiness. When I was growing up, I repected my elders and now that I am an elder, I expect that respect but kids today are such jaggoffs because their parents are such jaggoffs. These are my golden years and jaggoffs like you are tarnishing them. What joy do you get in making an old woman mad? RESPECT YOUR ELDERS!!!! I deserve it.

Are you married?
I am. I believe in the sanctitties of marrage. I've been married for 40 years and my husband lives on the third floor of my house. We don't talk anymore, but it would be a sin to get divorced. I don't know why it is any of your business, but if your are trying to ask me out, I am not interested.

Do you really like the mayor?
Dah!!!! I run this site! Look at the name of the site. Do you think I’m a liar? Get away, poo-poo potatohead.