Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Goodbye Myron Cope

By Strawberry Way

I am so sad that Myron has passed on. I felt about him the same way I felt about my husband. Sometimes I thought he was stupid. Sometimes I liked him. Sometimes he made me happy. The only difference is that my husband is still alive and living on the third floor of my house. What a jaggoff.

I did what most Pittsburghs did when they listened to the Steelers. I would turn on the TV and turn down the sound and turn on the radio and listen to Myron. The biggest problem was when the Steelers games moved to WDVE, I would some times get up in the morning after a game and turn on my radio and I'd hear that awful rock music. I hated that. Or worse I'd turn it on and those jaggoffs Jimmy and Kren would be telling one of their dirty nasty pornographic comedy things. Ugh, I'd almost vomit and my day would be ruined.

Myron was so cute. I sometimes thought he had to be a muppet. When I got my dog, he was so ugly and cute at the same time that I had to name him Myron Cope. So while Pittsburgh doesn't have the real Myron Cope, I still have my ugly mutt Myron to keep me company.

When I'd be watching Steelers games, I often felt like me and Myron were drinking IC Light together. He was my drinking partner. We laughed together. We cried together. We yelled nonesense together. He will be missed.

One of my fondest memories of my life was when the whole Terrible Towel thing took off thanks to Myron. My son Frankie loved his Terrible Towel. He would wear it around like a cape and called himself Super Steelers Man. For one Christmas when Frankie was like 10, I thought I'd do something nice so I made him a quilt made out of about 20 terrible towels sowed together. I'm not a good sower so when the first night he slept with it my hisband and me were woken up by my son screaming. We ran in and my quilt had fallen apart and Frankie was so tangled up in it that he was trapped. My husband and I doubled over laughing. My husband had to go get his camera. It looked like Little Frankie was getting eaten by the Terrible Towl Monster. It is one of my favorite photos with Frankie screaming and yelling. It is cute.

So good by Myron. Whenever I pet my dog Myron. I'll think of you. When ever I let my dog Myron lick the rim of my beer can, I'll think of it as a tribute to you.