Tuesday, February 26, 2008


This is Strawberry Way! All so known as ILuvLuke!

I BET you thought the Headline would be "I AM SO MAD!!!!!" But notice that it says "GLAD!" And it is not just because I have given up being Mad for Lent! It is because Brian O'Neill has finally said something that I would have said! You can read it hear -link!

Especially when he says...

"But unless more saps step forward to support the lottery, 14 casinos and the
thousands of poker machines in corner bars, we are threatening our carefully
designed plans to help seniors, reduce property taxes and nurture small
Frankly, I blame our younger generation. These kids, with their hip
and their hop, their iPods and their energy drinks, don't play these games the
way their parents and grandparents do."

AMEN! The younger genration needs to buy more lottery tickets. I think somehow the Pittsburgh Promise should be tied into buying Lottery tickets to teach these kids something and to teach them that helping Seniors like me is a good thing. How about you only get your Pittsburgh Promise money if you hit the numbers? Or they should put poker machines in the schools and if you win, that is how much money you get? I don't think it is right to just give kids money without them working for it.

Thank you Mr. O'Neill for pointing the way for the kids today to be part of THE SOLUTION and not part OF THE PROBLEM. I still might get property tax relief before I die!!!!!!!!!!