Monday, February 18, 2008

The List of Who to Hate would be to long!!!!!!!

Some people have been talking in the comments about having a list of who to hate so it would be easy to know who to hate and who to like. Well, the list would be to long so I'll just sort of add to it as we go along....

Todays paper gives us so much stuff!

1) Riverlife Task Force - HATE -
There is this letter to the editor that caputures it perfectly. Every day we wait to get the caSINo opened, the more our town is going to die. I am going to blame every single problem on this group until the caSINo opens. Obviously they only care about riverLIFE and don't care about land LIFE. If I started a group called Street Life Task Force would that allow me control the sidewalks or the buildings that I see from the street? These people need to stick to the river and worry about the fish or the mud and muck that is on the bottom of the river.
This guy who wrote the letter has lived some other places like New York and San Francisco and he travels a lot so he obviously knows more than us who hardly ever leave our neighborhoods and if we want to attract people like him we need to get the caSINO built right now! Plus, he points out that Mr. Barden is black and it might just be racism that is making the riverlife task force hate him. Just let him build his caSINO! I don't care if he makes it of cardboard. We need property tax relief and we need slot NOW!

2) Pat Ford - Like -
While he is one of the most handsomest men in government, we don't get to see enough pictures of him! He is trying to do some good stuff and a bunch of haters don't trust him. He is just trying to do good stuff. Don't people understand that if we don't do stuff fast nothing will get done and we will be a ghost town with tumble weeds rolling down the street. All the stuff of having public hearings and sueing people who are trying to do good things will just scare people way.
I think Mr. Ford captures it perfectly, "I like signs," said Mr. Ford. "It tells us that we're vibrant, that we're lively, that we like business." We heare at ILuvLuke say more signs! Actually we should put a whole bunch up that say exactly what mr. Ford said. They should say "We like signs. We like Business." so for our next section...

3) Signs - Like -

4) Ruth Ann Daily - Hate -
She has a whole collum about how she hates signs! So now when you see downtown become a ghost town, we can blame Ruth Ann. She hates Pittsburgh and she is going to scare everything good away. I sometimes think all the problems of Pittsburgh can be followed right back to Ruth Ann Daily's doorstep. She is one of the most powerful women in Pittsburgh. Her and Ellise Hillman want to destroy Pittsburgh and make it a Repulican waste land.

So I hope you like our list and we hope it helps you know who to like and hate. This should make life easier for everyone. God Bless.