Sunday, March 2, 2008

I Knew Not The Myron Cope but I See He Was Loved

Hello from the Highly Evolving Paris!!!

Every day is a new adventure since I have fallen in love with my adoptable city of Pittsburgh. I would encourage everyone to fall in love with a place they have never seen, but since I too like many wish not to drain the brain of Pittsburgh any more, I encourage all to dream of a Pittsburgh that you have never seen too!

Every day I learn something new and I have learned recently of Mr. Myron Cope. He was the Mascot puppet of the Steelers before they invented the puppet charater Steely Dan that debuted this past football year. While Steely Dan is highly cartooned - he is yellow and carries a steel beam, Mr. Myron was also a cartoon but more like a real man be it a small Leprechaun of a man. Mr. Myron also spoke which is higly different than Steely Dan.

It appears that the creators of The Myron Cope were very detail oriented. They created a new language for their character with phrases borrowed from the Yiddish such as "Yoi" and "Double Yoi" and "Gorgonzola" and "Bungels". This flowery language stuck like a seed in the imagination of the Pittburghquois and The Myron Cope grew in their heart.

As another sign of the true creativity of creators of The Myron, is that they had their charater invent a symbol that has turned into the flag of the Steelers Nation - The Terrible Towel!!! I did not know that The Myron created this towel that I so lovingly twirled and hugged like the blanket of a baby and wiped away my tears when the Steelers ended their football year. What a multipurpose invention. While we do not have a supplier of the Terrible Towel here in France, I relied on my inventiveish and put a black marker to a yellow bathing cloth and created my own. I hold it close to my heart right now as I write these words!

Many must have saw the end of The Myron coming when the Steelers introduced Mr. Steely Dan this past football year, but their hearts finally broke this past week. While I knew not The Myron Cope, my heart is broken too. Let us all cry together around the whole globe of Steeler Nation.

It is clear that the current creators of Mascot Puppetry today lack the skills of the Masters of yesterday. Mr. Steely Dan is a poor substitute that does not even talk. May be Steely Dan will be sent to his grave soon to?