Friday, February 15, 2008


BY Me Strawberry Way:

There is all this humb bub (how do you spell that? hub bub? Hum bup?) Anyway, people are getting all worked up in the Burgh-o - Spere about a report on KDKA about how politicians get there streets plowed first. Here is the story...

I have a couple things about this....
First, The Mayor said that he wanted his street plowed last but Guy Costa (who I'm not sure if I'm supose to hate him or not could some one tell me?) said that he plows The Mayors street first. I am sick of hearing all these local bloggers saying stuff like,
"Oh, the Mayor doesn't want his street plowed so can call in sick to work."
"Hey they don't plow secordary streets for 36 hours so the mayor can take 1 1/2 days off!"
"he likes sled riding on his street so that's why he doesn't want it plowed."
"Lukie calls Guy, 'I made a real nice snow man in the middle of my street. Plow my street last so I can show it to my mom."
"I bet Luke Puke likes making snow angels in the street."
"Did Marty Griffin check to see the real smoking snow fort Lukey made in front of his house."
"Luke doesn't want the salt truck to come down his street until he comes home from work because he likes throwing snow balls at it."
I can't believe people are making fun of The Mayor this way. We need to find out who are saying these things and give them a big spanking (now that it is Lent and I am being NICE, a spanking seems like a nice thing compared to what I would have recommened when I was MEAN!)

Another thing, All these bloggers are getting all wierd because Darlene Harris has video camera to watch when the salt trucks come up her street. Well, first, I am sure she has those cameras because of all the wierdo bloggers that are out there. I'm sure she has a bunch of guns in her house also. Hopefully, Marty Griffin will do a story about "How are local politicians protecting themselves from the crazy wack job bloggers of Pittsburgh!" While part of me thinks that the city should buy video cameras forall elected officials and democratic committee people for their own protection, the other part of me doesn't want to pay anymore taxes to do that.