Thursday, February 7, 2008

My Heart Flutters with HOPE!!!!

Dispatched from the Fair City of Paris

I admit that my anger has been boiling me like a tea kettle. I read somewhere that the Grand Mayor Luke Ravenstahl was in my town of home Paris. I would be understanding if he wished not to connect with me for he was traveling with his wife and I must truthfully admit that my town was built for Love and for the virgin traveler when taking that first drink of this city the intoxication would make any virgin traveler giddy and forgetful of the goings on of the real world and wish to forever spend days and nights in the bed. So I was understanding if the Mayor wished not to contact me.

But then I read, that he had a breakfast where he showed an exciting Point Of Power Presentation. People were invited by email but I failed to recieve an invitation. I had not felt such anger since Van Halen dismissed my adoptable city of Pittsburgh. We know where that anger got me and you - Van Halen relented and will be visiting you next month!!!

I was so very close to destroying my Pittsburgh scrapebook that I have created. For to long I had tolorated the taunts of my friends, family and co-worker who called me Donnie Quixote (which they pronounced Donnie as "Daawn-nee" as they imaged a True Pittsburgher would say). Poor Andre was named "Sancho" as if he were my earthly squire!

But I have gained strength through this name and in my darkest hour of last night I thought "What would the true Don Quixote do?" I call for a vision to show me the way on my quest.

This morning, my call was answered when I read your paper and saw this article - Vive la Downtown! Business grants available to instill a touch of Paris.

I shall be the touch? Was this a sign? The program is called Paris to Pittsburgh which makes me think of myself traveling there! What could be more Parisian than a Parisian! I would be more than willing to properly display the flowers in front of your shops. I would be more than willing to develop my mime show. Every day your people of business could spend a lovely two hours of their lunch time experiencing a show I will develop entitled titled "Mime Time with Pierre". If this will get me to my adoptable city, I shall do it!

My heart has been lifted as like a butterfly. There is hope in the world! Has this plan been planned all along by the Great Mayor?

I may soon be joining all of YINZ!