Monday, February 25, 2008

Our 2 Millionth Visitors

Hello, this is Strawberry Way and over the weekend I was talking to my Granddaughter Tiffany who helped me create this Blog. She was checking over My Blog and she told me that we have had over two million people visit this website since I started it last summer!!!

That is a lot of people. I don't know how she can tell who is visiting but she is good at computers. She said that she hasn't even had that many people visit her facebook page (whatever that is).

So I guess I am doing something right so thanks for stopping by. Again I think that proves I really do have the Best Blog in Pittsburgh.

So in the spirit of the Academy Awards I'm giving my self the following awards....

Best Blog in Pittsburgh - ILuvLuke
Best Blog in Pittsburgh by an Old Person - ILuvLuke
Best Blog in Pittsburgh that has a gay person and a French Person - ILuvLuke
Best Blog in Pittsburgh that Likes the Mayor - ILuvLuke

So there you go! God Bless!