Monday, January 28, 2008

My New Software Creation!

From Paris that has been upset by a young man ruining a bank!

This past weekend I made a software product to help with the removal of snow in my adoptable city of Pittsburgh. Being a technologist, this was very easy for myself.

If the city would like to see this, the can pay for my trip and I will buy a laptop and bring my software with me to show! If you wish to use my software product for the paving of streets or for the removing of trash, I can easily change the picture and some words and the system will be ready for that use too!

Here are some pictures. Click Pictures to see them correctly. It is very easy to use....

Pick your criteria for the streets demanding snow removal! Then hit the Go! button.

A detailed map is ready for the snow truck driver. In this example, is for the Mayor to get to work!

While I must be truthful and admit it does not work to the perfection I desire (currently it only works on Windows ME), with a contract and its purchase I can work out the problems and make it better than what the city currently possesses.

If you wish for a demostration in person, please e-mail me at pierre4pgh@gmailcom