Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Quest For My Love?

Hello from the shining other Cultural Capital Paris!!

I give thanks to all for the support I am recieving in my quest. I with full truth feel I may be able to save your city. How may you explain that I have falling in love with a strange city on the other side of the world.

In Paris, we are use to visitors who come to our city who have dreams of making love to our city. Some since childhood have dreamed of a romantic city with such dreams of spring time in Paris or kissing under the Eiffel Tower. These images did not develop overnight. For centuries, we in France have cultivated such images like small plantings of flowers waiting for the blooming. Plus, we found long ago when searching for young women to make love to what better way to bring a weak kneed forgien girl with romantic dreams in her head right to you!!! They stay for a few days, fall in love, make love and then leave! We Parisians are not as dumb as you think. Have the mouse come to you, Cat!

I share this with you in Pittsburgh for hope that you can learn. Think of your visions of your city like a muscle. Exercise you visionary muscle every day!