Thursday, January 10, 2008

Policy Paper!!!! Hill District

From the city where our country's President dates a most beautiful model - Paris!!!!

From my studies, I have a plan to propose for dealing with the Hill District that should make everyone on all sides of the fence be happy.

Let us take the Hill District and enclose it in a dome and make it into a shopping mall destination! Let us not forget to include a Steakhouse for this seems to be a sure sign of developmental success!!!

From my studies, the Hill District is not too large and engineers could surely enclose the whole area with a dome. I figure with all the steel that is in Pittsburgh and with some good students from the Carnegie Mellon, this should be easy.

Here are the benefits for the residents...
- They would have a grocery store that would be the Food Court of the Mall. They could easily pick food from many different vendors that represent the cuisines of the world. Chinese! American! Pretzel Shoppe!

- Living in a dome, they would not have to worry about weather. The dome would be climate controled so they would never have to shovel the snow again! Heating bills would be payed by the mall.

- They would work where they live. You would never have to leave the building to get to work. Some people would work for the stores in the mall but others could be historial recreator to show what the Hill District was like. I have heard of Williamsburg where revolotionary war time is recreated and people travel from around the world to experience the people in costumes. This would be a destination.

- It would be very secure. There would be only a few entrances so it would be easy to guard who is coming and going and the crime rate would go down. In case of crime all the doors could be locked, and the bad guys could easily easily be caught. In the United States, the only crime that happens at malls is usually some angry white man shooting people in a rampage so wouldn't that be an improvement over now?

Benefits to the city and to the Mayor and elected people...
- It would be an attraction. Who would not want to come to see a whole neighborhood in a dome? People would come to do the shopping. Families would come to see how the African Americans live. After a Penguins game at the new enclosed arena that will then again be enclosed, families could stroll in the middle of winter in their shorts because it will be so warm in the dome! As I undrstand a class of people called Mall Walkers - older people who enjoy walking in Malls will have the ultimate destination. 24 hours a day they could indulge in their harmless hobby in complete cliamte controled safety.

- The workforce for this giant endevour would be right there. You could easily follow the example of coal mining towns from the previous centery and charge rent and issue your own money to be used at the stores. The people could get loans of company money and before you know it, these people will become a permenent workforce that will be unable to leave. The dome maybe able to pay for itself just through this part of my policy!

- Everyone would be happy. As elected officials, you can use my plan right now to appease all the angry people. The plan has everything. It provides food and shelter as well as entertainment. Who could not be happy with that.

- The Dome could be a "green building" so you say you are saving the earth. Please look at the Biosphere 2 project -

So please take my plan and do what you will with it. I know there are some parts that have been worked out, but it seems to be ok to start on big projects without having everything figured out. For using my ideas, I do not require any payment or credit. I am just trying to make Pittsburgh the best adoptable city it can be.