Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Many News That I Wish To Report And Make Commentary

From Paris Full of Love!

1) Man Goes To BasketBall Game:
I was reading about how Mr. Todd Reidbord left a meeting for the Planning Commission listening to angry people from the soon to be domed Hill District to have some relaxation by watching a BasketBall game. People from The Hill District are mad as they trend to be but also gangs of Pittsburgh Bloggers have their "female under clothing gathering tightly".
It is clear to me that Mr. Reidbord knew which way his vote was going to go when he first sat down in his chair. As the meeting went on for hours and hours beyond what we in France call a long work day beyond 5.5 hours, boredom must have settled into his body. If I were that man, it would be hard to keep my eyes from closing. I would be doing puzzles like Sudoku (which is taking France like a storm. Beware of this addictive puzzle drug Pittsburgh if you have not been captured by it already!!!!). But if I were a powerful visionary like Mr. Reidbold, I would be working on my next Big Project and I would be making drawings of massive buildings and drawing maps of the properties I would need and figuring the amount of money I would want from the city. Then if I knew the Mayor was at a BasketBall game and I could show him my plans, I would rush to the game arena to show my plans and hopefully even before the Kickoff of the BasketBall game, I would have another many million dollar deal done.
This is how true people of vision do their work. I know many of you who are common would not understand. Since you mostly work on base instinct like an animal, your not understanding turns to anger. People of vision understand this from you and expect this. They understand you think the game is checkers but they are really playing that 4th Dimensional Chess game that was often shown on Star Trek!!!

2) I Have A New Almost GirlFriend!!!
While she is not up to Lindsey Lohan, I have found Cat Call who seems smart and full of advice. I find the graphic on her website Cat Call does not reflect her well. The graphic makes her appear set for the cartoon SouthPark.

3) Is Mr. Ravenstahl To Surprise Me?
I have read that Mr. Ravenstahl is traveling to my village of Paris with his wife Erin. While I am surprised that he has not had a minion contact me, I have read this as clearly he will be surprising me!
While I know not his itinerary, I will be expecting a phone call or having him appear from nowhere to shake my hand. I will gladly give a tour of my grand city! I will surely remind him that Paris is a grand place to do what it takes to start a family! We as the French would be proud if the next generation of Ravenstahls begin in our fair city. Félicitations!!!!