Thursday, January 3, 2008


I opened my paper this morning and I spit my coffee all over my carpet. It is a good thing my carpet is a nice dark green so it doesn't show stains to good. Right there on the cover was a picture of Danny O kissing his family and a hole story about him getting sworn in. Where was my invitation?

Here I am, the first blog to endorse Mr. Onorato for Governer( which he never aknowleged and I took back). Then he has his big party, and I hear nothing about it. Can't he remember the little people who got him to where he his? Here I am an old lady writing a Blog but I must have got him at least 5 votes plus my own!!!! And he just blows me off.

This is hard for me, but I am taking my endorsement back even further. Imagine I took it back but now I've taken it twice as far back. It is going to take a lot for him to get back to the even. Don't pass Go and don't get $200!!! Go straight to jail!

I was pretty angry about the whole drink tax thing not that it would effect me. I hardly never go out and drink. I stay at home, but I just keep thinking about the children. Here we are always talking about the young people in Pittsburgh and keeping them around, but Here comes mister big pant Danny Boy who taxes there drinks. The kids are just like the senior citizens. They don't have big wallets to afford their drinks. If we wanted to keep young people around, WE"D MAKE THE DRINKING CHEAPER!!!!

I don't blame the young people for wanting to move to Cranberry or Butler County.

This is going to be hard for me, but I have a Dan Onorato T-shirt I have been saving from the first time he was elected head of the county (he was the first Democratic County Executive! so I figure it was historic. It is a white shirt with his blue and black logo. I have hardly worn it except a few times as a night shirt). I'm going to give my shirt away. The first person who e-mails me at and asks for the shirt gets it FOR FREE!

In other news, I saw that some Upper St Clair county council guy put in a bill saying that the Homestead exemption should be raised to $25,000. My house is appraised at $11,000. Does that mean I'm going to be getting like 14,000? If that is so, I am so happy. Dan you better pass that bill because that is the type of property tax relief I'm looking for!!!! With that kind of money, I'd buy every young person in Allegheny County a drink. There are about 100 young people left so it wont be that expensive.