Saturday, January 5, 2008

It Is So Clear That Jim Motznik Should Be President of City Council (eventhough preseident of the United States wont be bad)

I know today is a Steelers Day and I usually don't Blog but I have something to say...

I've been hearing that on Monday, City Council is going to be voting for a new City Council President. We all know after what happened with Bob O'Connor (God rest his soul) and then Luke became Mayor because he was Council President. For the last year, I have been so worried that nothing happens to The Mayor because I kept thinking look who would become Mayor - Doug Shields!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now that there is going to be a vote on Monday, maybe we can put someone in there who everyone would like as Mayor - Jim Motznik!!!!!!!!!!!!

We all know from his past record that he would do exactly what Luke would do because he has done everything that Luke has wanted him to do. Who knows The Mayor's agenda better than him! If Motznik were it, it would make The Mayor's life so much easier. Get around all that City Council stuff with that "we are trying to represent people" when all they want to do is just be mean. What we need is a City Council that will just let stuff that The Mayor wants to happen happen.

Mr. Motznik is the best choice because he has been around a while and he knows how the city works and he is mean enough that he'll make all the poop heads on council do what he wants. I'll feel sorry (not!) for the big Pedutohead when Motznik is in charge. The first thing Mr. Motznik should do is make Pedutohead only have a crayon and coloring book at his desk during council meetings and maybe a sippy cup.

The big test is going to be the new people who are coming to council. There is the doctor teacher, the gay guy and the black church guy. I can't remember there names yet, but hopefully people have already talked to them and they are going to vote the right way - for The Mayor. This is going to be the big test to see if they are poopheads or not!!!

Remember readers, Doug Shields represents Squirrel Hill and remember who they voted for Mayor - RESANTIS! So remember they hate Pittsburgh. Doug Shields hates Pittsburgh. Let's see if the new Council people hate Pittsburgh too!!! I hope not. I pray they don't!!!