Wednesday, January 9, 2008

My Steeler National Update: The Shreds of My Heart

Paris, France which only exists on the world's other side

I experienced my first loss as a Steeler National on Sunday morning. I had gone the whole football year without viewing my beloved Steelers fail. As I sat in a Turkish cafe far from my home, I observed the end of the chapter of the book that has been My Football Year as a member of the Steelers Nation.

As I watched, my heart jumped up and floated and then crashed and shattered. It is truely like a love affair with a real woman. It is like a drive in through the Alps. It is pretty. There are ups and down and on occassion you get to drive through a dark tunnel.

I jumped up from chair at times and then others I fell to the floor with my head in my hands. The Turkish men who were smoking despite the limits on smoking inside may have believed I were strange but I had payed them for the privilage of the television for some time. I also payed them for the privilage to talk out loud. Then I had to pay them for the privilage to not ask me questions about American Football while I focused my entire being into the game. I did spend the time in the middle of the game to tell them about Pittsburgh. I do not believe I convinced them of the grandness of Pittsburgh. For future note, Turks do not know a droplet about the location of Pennsylvania!

Now I face a great emptyness with out my American Steelers Football. How do you cope in Pittsburgh? I feel the urge to drink more than usual. My chin feels heavy and is hard to keep in the air. My chin is always kissing my chest.

I try to see the swans through the bird shit. I have learned so much in these past few months. Just this last game I realized that Ben Rothlesburgher does not stay on the field all game. He takes time off and stands on the side of the field after he throws the ball to the people on the other team. I assume this is for punishment.

So now I close the book after reading the final chapter of my book of my first experience with the Steelers Nation. I look forward to the next session like a fish swimming back to its spawning ground. Like a bird that must fly away for the winter knowing I will be back after the weather turns.

Thank you Dr. Tomlin for the great sessions this year and may you heal all the warriors for the fight that is next football session!