Monday, January 7, 2008

Now The Downfall of Pittsburgh is Soon

I was sooooo mad earlier today when it came out that Motznik wasn't voted President and that the Pedutohead is going to be in charge of The Finance committee I actually broke my big green ashtray that I have been throwing at the wall whenever I was angry since my kids were little. Today it finally broke. If anyone knows where I can get another ashtray, let me know. I found a picture of what it looked like...

After I calmed down and cryed a little, I started feeling sorry for Mr. Motznik. He was so close and he has tried so many times to become Presient of Council. My granddaughter Tiffany said I could send something called an e-card. I found some nice ones here that I thought might cheer him up I think the one that says "A brighter day is just around the corner" is soooo cute and I think it would cheer him up.

The problem is, I can't find his email address anywhere. Maybe someone could send him that card from me or send me his email address, that would be great.