Thursday, December 20, 2007

I AM SO MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I havent been able to get to my computer fer so long because my big toe is infected and I have so much to say. I am sooooooo mad.

1st, I had to crawl upstairs to get to my computer and I forgot my notebook that I have been keeping of all the things I've wanted to say. I am so mad!!!!

2nd, I am going to miss The Mayor's big party tonight. I was hoping to go to it even though I never recieved a personal email inviting me. I was looking so forward to it, but now I'm going to be stuck at home. Good luck Mr. Mayor!

3rd, so the dumpy city paper named some Pittgirl the Best Blog in Pittsburgh. I've been using "the BEST blog in Pittsburgh" for my blog for a long time now and it is really low for them to try to steel my idea. Im insulted, but I don't put much faith in their choices. It is like my old Hungarian Grandfather use to say, "Do you want to be compliemented by a backend of a horse?"

4th, I am so mad about everyone being so hard on UPMC. They are giving a big gift and people like the Pedutohead are like ungreatful kids. I sort of agree with Mr. Len Bodack that UPMC should just give all the money to the catholic school kids. They are the ones who have paid all the taxes but haven't used the schools. They should be given a big present.

5th, I am soooo mad that the table games have started in West Virgina and I wasn't there. I love the opening of new casino things, but I have missed that.

6th, My big toe is awful and I hate it and I wish it would just go away. The pain pills are good and I can see how these kids get hooked on them. I've stopped using them and have gone back to my tried and true Pittsburgh pain relief of IC Light. It is better for me and for all of Pittsburgh.

7th, I am so mad. Just leave The Mayor alone.

I am craweling back down stairs now.