Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Wish Strawberry Way A Better Health and Our Grand Adventure

From Paris....

I recieved a e-mail from the Daughter of the Daughter of Strawberry Way...

My grandma wanted me to tell you that she had to get a hangnail fixed on her big tow and it is infected. She cant get up the stairs to the computer so she is sleeping on the couch. Shes all worried about her "fans" on her blog worried about where shes at. Can you tell them that she is fine except for her jaggoff big tow. She is writing a bunch of stuff in a notebook but I told her there is noway I'm going to type all that stuff up. I told her that I'd let you know what is going on.

I am unable to figure the meaning of big tow but I feel sorry and am sending grand wishes of health. I pray she does not fall pray to The UPMC.

On a note that is different. I was unable to watch the Steelers this past weekend and I fear that I will be unable to watch the next game. I fear they will loose with out my watching. While I am joyful that I have yet to see The Steelers loose I am saddened with their current performances. [ Mr. Bram, with my current busyness I must let the computer robots update my Steelers Nation Blog. I hope this does not disappoint you?]
In a sad event, my friend Andre who works at department store where we have watched games has had his job taken away due to our television watching. His spirits are in deep vast toilet of life. He has moved into my small apartment. To raise his spirits, I have put him on a grand project that I have been dreaming. We are writing a Guide to our adoptable City of Pittsburgh. This is a large feat in the vain of the large tomes of the Great Greek Homer. The english of Andre is very poor so I must work very hard myself. Wish us well on our adventure.