Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Pittsburgh Promise Gets $100,000,000.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was getting so sick and tired of whenever anyone talked about The Mayor's Pittsburgh Promise Program, that thing to give the poor kids in the public schools free tuition to the community college of their choice, they would always say, "Only one person has given to it and it is the teachers union." I was getting so sick of hearing that I was about to give like $10 that I usually give to the Dapper Dan Toys for Poor Kids just to shut those people up. Then they would have to say "two people have given money"

Well, Lordy Lordy, look what happened! UPMC is giving close to 1/10 of a billion dollars to send the poor kids to community college - given there might be one or two kids who will get to go to a real college like Robert Morris or something.

What a slam dunk hat trick for The Mayor Mr. Luke Ravenstahl and for UPMC!!! Now we know why it was so important for The Mayor to attend that golf tournament and skip the room full of screaming women this past summer. I would not be suprised if the Penguins put up a 1/10 of a billion dollars too. Plus Joe Montana (that was whoelse he was golfing with right?) might also give something. It just shows that sometimes we don't know why The Mayor does what The Mayor does. It is going to come out at some point that some terrorists were going to blow up the Star Lake Ampatheater during that Kenny Cheseney concert and that The Mayor really needed to be there with the Hometown Security vehicle and saved thousands of lives plus that of a country superstar. How do we know that The Mayor is not leading a life just like that Jack guy in that 24 tv show?

Now nobody can make fun of the Pittsburgh Promise Program (eventhough The Mayor Hating Monkeys will find some way to do it!). Also, now people can't pick on UPMC for making a profit while it is a non-profit because now they are giving some of it away. Now everyone shut up about them not paying taxes!

I can't wait to hear what other surprises The Mayor has been working on.