Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I read this morning that people continue to harrass the kind Mr. Bardin who just wants to open his business. I totally agree with him that how can these angry people who are so full of hate be complaining about a design that they HAVEN"T EVEN SEEN!!!

Why do these people like the Riverlife task force want to deny everyone their property tax relief? Want to know why? Because they only care about the rivers and their pretty views!!! How come the place where the CaSINo is going to be built has been an ugly parking lot forever but all of a sudden these people want that area to look pretty. I never heard them calling to make the parking lot pretty. Clearly, they hate Pittsburgh.

I could care less if the caSINo is a giant pink cube. Most people are going to be inside anyway.

While we all know now that the CaSINo will be changed to a whore house once it opens and the state passes some laws to legalize state run whore house, we all know that a giant garage in needed to handle the crowds, plus we don't want the dads leaving their kids in their cars parked on Northside streets left to be shot up on those mean streets. Better to have them left in a parking garage. So now do you understand why the garage has to be so big!!!!

So just let Mr. Barden build his building the way he wants and give me my PROPERTY TAX RELIEF!!!! Is the only way I'm going to get property tax relief is to die? Everyday I look at the obituary page and think, "at last, this person has property tax relief!!!!"