Tuesday, December 18, 2007

All Should Hail The UPMC For You're Own Health

From Paris:

I try to be current with the goings of my adoptable city of Pittsburgh. Being on the other side of the world and looking in on your little circus world can sometimes give me a greater view than what you see. As I have always said, the outsider's voice is often sweeter! So with my outsider voice I ask, "Why are so many showing their anger at TheUPMC?"

Here is a company that is saving lives and is growing and growing. From my projections, in 3 yearsThe UPMC will soon be the only health care provider in the United States.

Why be so full of hate at them and to publicly show that hate? Don't you know that they keep records? Do you think that your petite letter to the editor saying you hate The UPMC does not go in your health folder? As you lay dieing in one of The UPMC health centers, your last view in life will be a doctor looking at your health folder and shaking his head while reading your little editorial while he holds your life saving medicine and slowly turns and puts it back in the cabinet?

Don't you see why you should be nice to The UPMC which will someday have control over your life and death? Now do you see why The Mayor Ravenstahl has done what he has done. He has sealed his own fate that he will receive the grandest of care! With the Pittsburgh Promise Tax Agreement With The UPMC, how do we not know that the mayor has not made a deal that all Pittsburgh Residents when they are on the butchers table will too receive the grandest of care? Maybe the Promise in the Pittsburgh Promise is something more?

Be nice now to The Grand UPMC or you may regret it later!

Some day, as you lay dieing in your health center bed, you will be hitting the button that rings a nurse and no nurse will be running to your aid. You will lay their as your final breath leaves you and you may mutter, "Pierre was right. All Hail The UPMC!" But it will be too late.

Say it now so later you may die correctly. I have warned you. Since The UPMC is a Nonprofit, you should be able to pay alms to make up for your past mistakes.