Monday, December 10, 2007

My Supreme Steeler Nation Update

Hello from Paris where we are hosting Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi for 5 days!

As a young adult, I would revel in reruns of the television show The Brady Bunch. I would lay on the crowded floor of my mother apartment and dream of living in such a nice house as the Brady's. Last night, I could only watch the first half of the game of The Steelers battling the Patriots before Andre's department store in the suburbs closed. I was very nervous until I came into work today to see the score. My heart dropped.
While I have not seen personally the Mighty Steelers lose a game [my record is 1000% wins!!!], my heart drop for our loss.
But back to the Brady Bunch. I kept looking at Tom Brady the quarterback for the Patriots and thinking that I do not remember him from any of the shows. There was Greg, Peter and Bobby. At some point there was a little guy Oliver that got adopted. Did Tom Brady come later in shows that I might not have seen or that have not made it to Paris yet?

I had a discussion with Andre my fellow parisian who I have converted to Steeler Nation Pittsburgheritarian. We were talking about how much America was damaged by the 9-11 attacks and it is clear that even 6 years later people do not want to see a football team named "The Patriots" to lose. It is a shame that all these football teams are racing to lose to the Patriots just to heal the nation. I guess if it make you Americans feel better to have them undefeated and then you can all get beyond the whole 9-11 thing, that is ok. Once you United States are healed the whole world will be a better place.
As for the Miami Dolphins losing every game, that clearly is a statement about the state of Dolphins in the world and how they are being trapped in nets and killed by the Japanese! By the way, I watched the Steelers beat the Dolphins in a crazy little Dolphins Fan bar in a basement with about 9 people who worship a man named Jimmy Buffet. It was like a cult with crazy shirts drinking awful drinks and some were smoking the pot. All of them did not watch the game but instead dance and then ended throwing up their drinks on the floor and falling asleep on one another. That was my strangest experience yet while following the American Football.