Saturday, August 2, 2008

Pittsburgh: I crawl back to you

Hello from Paris with My head hanging low asking for pardon

My dear adoptable city of Pittsburgh, I have strayed. I have done what many a young person has done before me. I believed there was better love beyond the valleys that hug the city of Pittsburgh. I now crawl back asking for forgiveness.

I thought I had found a better city in the Americas to adopt as my online living place. Like many Young People before me, through heavy thinking I choosed Peoria. I thought the city had more potential for me to win my dream of transport to America and rocket to the stratosphere where the People of Vision inhabit and float around and create better visions for the little people who live and toil in the city. My offerings of love through the internet ( were accepted as if I wished to make love to a fish... a dead fish. I could have done it but I would feel foul and smell.

So Pittsburgh I come crawling back like a husband who has cheated. Now you should accept me MORE because I have found that you Pittsburgh are the TRUE ONE. This is why all men should be allowed to go out and test the other horses in the field so they can come back to their woman (or man in Gay4Luke's situation) with new respect. American women's insecurity holds them back from allowing their man to roam with the winds. America join the rest of the civilized world and be self assured. It is not cheating. It is a strategy for winning for the man but mostly for the woman. This is also why you Pittsburgh should never fear the loosing of young people for they may come back learning the errors of their ways.

Plus, with the return of the Steelers to their training for the upcoming American Football battle season has hastened my return. VIVA STEELERS!

So please forgive me for my transgressions. Let's make love again with even more passion (The Passion IS the name of your female American football team for a reason!).