Thursday, August 21, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: Bodack has A New Job

From the Northside

I just sat down with my first IC Light of the day when I noticed on line that Mr. Len Bodack just got a job at the Sewer Authoritity. Bravo for him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ever since Pretty Boy Dowd stole his seat on Council I have been wondering how Lenny Jr was going to be feeding his family. I hoped something would come through for him before the Unemployment checks stopped. At least now he's landed on his feet.

I was soooo mad when he had to leave Council. I always thought that if there were more like him on council this whole city would run much better. I'm sure The Mayor would agree with me.

Now everytime I flush my toilet and everything goes away, I'm going to be thanking Mr. Lenny Bodack Jr.