Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Backstabbing Sleazeball Ford

As regular visitors to this site know, I support everything our handsome boy genius mayor Luke Ravenstahl does. He is doing a great job as mayor and getting better every day. Sure, he has made a few stumbles along the way. But I think the ability to learn on the job is important for our Mayor. Yeah, I used to even support Luke's decision to hire Pat Ford as Director of the Urban Redevelopment Authority. Because, I knew that if Luke liked Pat, then Pat must be a good person. SO, even when Pat Ford and his wife Alecia Slirky were accused of taking gifts from that Lamar guy, I knew it must not be true. I think I even wrote about it. At least I knew Luke was not responsible. And I thought Luke would never hire someone who would knowingly do bad and wrongful things such as Pat and Alecia were accused of doing. I figured that if Luke hired someone then he must be a good, upstanding public servant, honest and sincere.

Boy was I ever wrong about that!!

I turns out that, in his petulant and unprofessional resignation letter, Pat Ford, sounding like a spoiled little baby with too much poop in his diaper, has essentially accused Luke of incompetence and corruption. Can you believe it? Of course, I don't like anybody who accuses Luke of these things. We are supposed to trust our leaders and not make false accusations. I think this is even one of the ten commandmants, possibly right after "thou shall not accept false gifts." Anyway, it is despicable of Ford to say all these mean things after all that Luke has done for Pat and Alecia. Mr. Ford seems to have forgotten that HE is the one who is corrupt, not Luke! Pat Ford wants to clear his good name or some nonsense like that. Well, he can forget about that. His unbelievable letter pretty much cements his corrupt reputation to his name forever. Pat, you ruined your own reputation, you dug your own grave, you sleazy backstabbing piece of sh*t. Nobody else did it for you, least of all our good Mayor Luke.

Yep, Pat, you are a total backstabbing turncoat. Nobody likes a crybaby. Least of all one that tries to destroy the reputation of the Mayor who has done nothing but good. Luke was good enough to give you a chance and you blew it. I admire Luke for trying to let you have an important job even though he might have known you were a bad man. Perhaps Luke was just trying to give a fair chance to everyone, even someone who might take bribes and inappropriate gifts in exchange for favors and plum no bid contracts. This is very admirable of Luke to give someone who would do that a chance--it is like trying to rehabilitate a criminal. But, how sad for you Pat! If you weren't so hateful, I would almost pity you. But, actually you are beneath pity. Does anybody pity the scum on a pond? I don't think so. Actually, come to think of it, comparing you to pond scum isn't even fair to the poor pond scum. But, I digress.

I just want to say a final good riddance to you Pat Ford. Now our beloved Mayor Luke can get on with doing what he is best at doing: running our great city, looking handsome and sexy, and making sure he has great people working for him. And the URA can get back to doing what it does best. Whatever that is. But I don't need to worry myself about it because I know Luke is on the job. And now that you are gone Pat, Luke will get someone good to permanently run the URA, hopefully that wonderful Rob Stephany, who I hear has been doing such a great job as acting director. And talk about handsome!! Rob is SO well suited to the job because he is SO good looking! Be still my beating heart.