Thursday, August 21, 2008

I NEVER Thought I'd Say This...!!!!!

From The Northside

... bravo Sophie Masloff!!!!!!!!

I read in the P-G yesterday, that she is boycotting the Democratic Convention. I know she has to be as upset about Hillary as I am. I'm glad to see that she is doing something about it!

Like Sophie, I am an old lady who doesn't have to much longer on this planet before I go off to Heaven ( Sophie is Jewish so I don't know where she'll go). One of my dreams since I was a little girl was to see a woman be president. Hillary was our only chance. I know Sophie is thinking she is never going to see it happen. I'm glad to see she is kicking her bathroom slipper right in the Obamacrats crotchs.

I never cared for Sophie. When she was running for City Council years ago, I knew she was rising above her place. I thought there was no way I wanted my CouncilMAN to be seated at the same table as a BRA-BURNER!!! Then she ran for mayor. I flipped my lid. I thought "What does her husband think?" Then I thought "Her husband can't be much of a man to let her run around wild like that." All my fears of public bra-burnings came to pass.

The first woman I voted for was Darlene Harris for school board. I tricked myself by saying if I squinted at her, she looked like a man there for I didn't feel wierd.

Hillary was the first woman I really wanted to win and there she was losing to a black guy. I'm so glad to see that Sophie is standing up against this outragousness.

Sophie you are my new hero.