Monday, August 18, 2008

Happy Vacation Month Pittsburgh May Your Face Have Been Rocked Off!

Hello from Relaxation Paris

As you must know, August is the month of Holiday for the civilized world. I hope you in Pittsburgh are enjoying your month of relaxation like I have been enjoying my 5 long weeks of Holiday without working.

I noticed in your paper this morning that you were visited by The Judas Priest. Lucky you.

The city must have been ghost like with everyone in Pittsburgh tooking their kids to see The Monsters of Metal show. You had Le Moterhead and Mr. Dio! You must have been in Heaven (or Hell if that were you Metal Preference?)

It is said that there were "Two huge winged gargoyles squatted in trees on either side of the band, on the lookout for negative vibes" that later "spit out two huge torrents of dry ice vapor." I started think What if Pittsburgh had such creatures to greet visitors? What if Pittsburgh became the Heavy Metal Family Friendly Travel Destination?

Most people that use to bang their heads now have children and would enjoy visiting a "City that Would Rock Your Face OFF"! Cleveland (who is the great rival of Pittsburgh) has the Rock and Roll Museum! Why not have Pittsburgh have the Heavy Metal Museum for Pittsburgh has a large history of Metal? You even have a Hot Metal Bridge which makes me wonder how people cross it without burning up into cinders which they touch it?

Pittsburgh you are Metal. Embace it!

I would gladly come to Pittsburgh as a consultant to help get the Heavy Metal Museum flying off the ground like an eagle soaring!