Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Alcoholic Tax is Brilliant Mindmind!

Hello from the beautiful Paris where everyone is taking the whole month of August off for Holiday!

I must give the credit to His Honor Dan Onorator. He has shown a glimmer of political smartness that even I might admire. Maybe he has been reading The Art of War which I sent all the great leaders of Vision in your region a while ago.

With his drink tax, he is dividing and soon will be conquoring all. He is pitting the old against the alcoholics. The bus riding poor against the alcoholics and the old. The resturant owners against the hippy bus riders and the old. And then you have the Transit Union which is both old and alcoholic but not poor and hippy wanting to destory all and everyone wanting to destroy them. The beauty of the plan of Mr. Onorator is that as the fight grows he will be propeled to greater poltical highs while these members of the Untouchable Classes pummel each other!!! BRAVO, Mr. Onorator.

My only suggestion is that he should have taxed all drinks except wine. That would have been civilized and might have given the savages who park on barstools and drink the beer and the whiskey together a rope to grasp out of their miserable lives to a more cultured realm. Rethink that aspect. Tax all drinks except wine. And good wine at that. Maybe tax all wine except French wine. Other than that, Good Job. Maybe as Governor, I could visit you in your palace, Mr. Onorator?