Thursday, August 7, 2008

What An Awful Day Yesterday!!!

So yesterday morning my whole day went to poop. I was reading the paper and my son Frankie Jr. sat down and started reading the paper with me. Out of nowhere he started crying and he ran off and locked himself in his bedroom. I asked him what was wrong and he said that Donzis was gone! He had seen the picture above and had just read this story.

Frankie had spent most of his 20s at Donzis. That is where he met his girlfriend and mother of my grandson Little Frankie. If you don't know Donzis was where all the real cool kids use to hang out. It was a nice little club for the youngster to hang out years ago. They could go there and hang out with their friends.

When Frankie Jr. would go there it was the only time he would ever get really dressed up. If I heard the shower running I knew he would soon be coming down the steps saying he was going "out to the market". That is what he use to call it. He never went shopping except to the auto parts store. For some reason him and his friends called it "the meat market".

Frankie Jr was so upset yesterday. He drives a tow truck for a living and he didn't have it in him to even turn on his police scanner yesterday so I sat there at the kitchen table listening to the police scanner for most of the day. Even when there was a crash near the house that would be really easy cash for him, he ignored it. He just stayed in his room crying saying all his greatest memories were leaving pittburgh.

Later in the day, when I read that Pat Ford wasn't getting in any trouble with the State Ethnic board, Frankie Jr. could care less. I went to treat myself to a nice cold IC Light to celebrate and then I realized that Frankie Jr had locked himself in his bedrrom with my WHOLE CASE OF BEER!

So I had to drink warm beer from my pantry. Then I was listening to the Pirates game and I could barely hear it over the loud rock and roll music from Frankies room. I kept turning up my radio louder and he would turn his up louder. At one point I looked up at the back door of my kitchen and there was a police officer on my back porch. He told me that they were getting calls about all the noise coming from my house. I was so embarassed. I told him I'd take care of it.

I kept trying to get Frankie to turn down his music and he wouldnt so I didn't want to be there when the police came back so I went down to the neighborhood bar to play the machines. Nothing was going right and I kept lossing. I spent all my money for the rest of the months groceries! Frankie Jr is going to owe me for all the problems he caused and it all comes down to Donzis getting floated down the river!

So can you see why my day was so bad!!!! It should have been such a great day because Pat Ford was hopefully getting his job back but Frankie Jr. ruined it. He can be such a jaggoff!!!